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Rate Card
Advertisement and Sponsorship

If you have a business that would benefit from radio advertising or sponsorship, get in contact with us. We have a selection of packages to suit your needs, and you’ll be getting your message heard by the large audience. Why advertise with us at Radio Infiniti? It is because;

• We connect with a unique base of passionate fans and ardent listeners of our broadcast.
• We have a highly competitive advert rates.
• We have flexibility of design formats and sizes to suit your needs by negotiation.


Any of Twitter/Facebook/Instagram – Per Week N 20,000.00
Website Banner – Skyscraper – Per weekN 16,000.00
Website Banner – Leaderboard – Per weekN 20,000.00
Website Banner – Square board – Per weekN 10,000.00
Sponsored BlogN 120,000.00


30s Spot – Peak PeriodN 4,500.00
30s Spot – Off Peak PeriodN 3,500.00
45s Spot – Peak PeriodN 6,000.00
45s Spot – Off Peak PeriodN 5,000.00
60s Spot – Peak PeriodN 7,000.00
60s Spot – Off Peak PeriodN 6,000.00


Program Sponsorship 15mins – Peak Period N 25,000.00
Program Sponsorship 15mins – Off Peak PeriodN 20,000.00
Program Sponsorship 30mins – Peak PeriodN 35,000.00
Program Sponsorship 30mins – Off Peak PeriodN 30,000.00
Program Sponsorship 45mins – Peak PeriodN 45,000.00
Program Sponsorship 45mins – Off Peak PeriodN 40,000.00
Program Sponsorship 60mins – Peak PeriodN 55,000.00
Program Sponsorship 60mins – Off Peak PeriodN 50,000.00


Paid Announcement 50wrds – Peak Period N 6,000.00
Paid Announcement 50wrds – Off Peak PeriodN 5,500.00
Paid Announcement 75wrds – Peak PeriodN 7,000.00
Paid Announcement 75wrds – Off Peak PeriodN 6,500.00
Paid Announcement 100wrds – Peak PeriodN 8,000.00
Paid Announcement 100wrds – Off Peak Period N 7,500.00


Live Appearance 15mins – Peak Period N 40,000.00
Live Appearance 30mins – Peak PeriodN 60,000.00
Live Appearance 45minN 80,000.00
Live Appearance 60minN 100,000.00


News Item N 30,000.00
News CoverageN 45,000.00
News SponsorshipN 100,000.00


2 mins Hype N 25,000.00
Jingle ProductionN 40,000.00
Program ProductionN 35,000.00
1 hour Outside BroadcastN 180,000.00
5 Sec CheckN 5,000.00

Customized campaigns can also be fashioned according to clients’ need.
Click here to download the Rate Card. All Rates and conditions are subject to change.
NOTE: All materials for broadcast must be CD quality and must be received at least 24 hours before broadcast.

For Advert enquiries, call us on +2347038616699

*You can also place adverts on our website and social media pages.

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