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  • Captures issues happening in western party of the world.
  • Business news and tips.
  • Major happenings in the business world.
  • All things business ranging from news to documentaries.
  • A mix of business news and Muslim songs.
  • Deals with exploring different countries , their cultures and traditions.
  • This will be strictly an entertainment/comedy show. It will also discuss current entertainment events, gist and gossips.
  • The show will focus business trend at international level. It will feature topics that has to do with International monetary policies, International/continental trade, Global Stock Exchange, Foreign Investors, Foreign Investments, Global Economics etc.
  • Some uplifting religious music.
  • A show for prospective employees (job seekers) where tips for interview and getting your desired jobs will be shared.
  • Discussing various aspects of lifestyle could be social, work, health, spiritually, experience with friends, environment etc.
  • This program motivates people irrespective of what they might be going through never to give up.
  • Listen to good music.
  • Here, we share paramount issues around our everyday mental, social and physical health and well-being.
  • The show will be centered around the Real Estate space and how to invest and take advantage of opportunities within the real estate ecosystem.
  • Good old throwback to evergreen music.
  • A program that discusses real issues that affect real people. You get to hear conversations around issues that would normally not be addressed or topics people scared to engage in.
  • Bringing the memories of past historical events , leaders, and way of life to minds of our listeners.
  • Serious love wantintin: The show will address emotional issues both within and outside the workplace. Topics/Stories that has to do Office Romance, Love ethics at workplace, prenuptial agreement, sex, marriage etc. will be addressed.
  • This will be a sport show that will focus on current happenings I the sport world, especially football (International Football, Local Leagues, UEFA, EPL, La Liga etc.)
  • The show addresses everything that has to do with starting and growing a business. It will address all the challenges SMEs face ranging from Legal/Paper works, Funding, HR Management, Booking/Accounting, Partnership, Sales and Marketing etc.
  • This show will focus on happenings and trends within the Tech Business space. It will inform and enlighten on current happening within the ecosystem and how to key in.
  • Here’s a show in which listeners can phone or call in with their , song requests, answers to trivia questions (with giveaways once in a while).
  • This show will be about the automobile industry. How to invest in the industry, how to buy and maintain your vehicle, how and when to sell etc.
  • Talks about different cultures, ancient practices and way of life of people in different parts of the world.
  • This will be about business women and how to strike a work-life balance. It will also talk about women doing exploits in their respective businesses

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